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Small Spaces: An Apartment For Space-Age Lovers

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This 715 sq ft apartment (66.4 sq m) is a renovation project by Dash Marshall. The minimalist white interior is designed to keep everything hidden making for a futuristic home finished with white glossy surfaces and pops of light wood and black accents. Beside maximizing the space with color and storage units designers at Dash Marshall remove hallways to add space to rooms and created a transformer element that allows residents change the dynamics of their home and create different areas.

Small Spaced Apartment With Minimalist Interior

Kitchen In An Apartment For Space-Age Lovers

Kitchen, An Apartment For Space-Age Lovers. Photography by Elizabeth Wentling.

The apartment includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and an airy living area with just a fur rug and a TV. The wall in the living area is filled with storage space so that it’s quite easy to keep order in the house.

A so-called Black Hole is a mobile element that can allows to a part of living room or bedroom or act as a closet. Thus the residents can have more living space or more room in their bedroom depending on their needs.

There is also a cozy reading nook built into the storage wall to face the big windows that flood the apartment with natural light. Speaking of windows, the rounded corners make the place look more futuristic.

Storage space is maximized by abundance of various cabinets and closets that help keep this pristine home in order and its original state.

The bathroom featured a frosted sliding door and small round tile covering the shower and the floors. Track lights are illumintating both kitchen and living room while other rooms feature built-in and ambient lighting.

What do you think about this small minimalist apartment with a transformer feature?

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