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Designer Vs. Decorator

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Is there a difference between interior design and decoration? Or is it just marketing techniques to attract potential customers? Many of us confuse interior designers with decorators. Let’s try to find differences between interior designers and decorators.

Designer Vs. Decorator: Who Do You Need?

Interior layout planning

Interior layout planning

Who’s who?

An interior designer works primarily with the functionality of the space, with its logic, based on the habits and requirements of the customer; works at the intersection of creativity and administration; chooses the most convenient design for the customer; develops a plan based on the environment in which the facility is located. The result of the designer is caring about the function and structure.

A decorator selects furniture, accessories, art objects. He is responsible for the final look and feel of the interior; interested in the aesthetic value of the interior and the integrity of its perception.

So who do you need while remodeling the residential or commercial space?

First you need to understand that, interior designers and decorators work in the same field, and create beautiful and functional spaces, not replacing, but complementing each other. Yet if you are planning any structural changes (remodeling, moving plumbing and lighting sources, the replacement coatings and the like), the interior designer is the best choice.

If you need assistance in selecting the style, choice of finishing materials, furniture, lighting and accessories, you need a decorator.

However, the project designer will also pick prototypes or original furniture, make coloristic map of the interior, but still the best solution is an invitation of a decorator, who will deliberately choose shades of color, decoration items, fill the details, without which the interior will not be interesting.

As a rule, the designer combines work with that decorator, but in it often turns out that the work on the creation of interior finishes simultaneously with the completion of repair works, when the main work of a decorator is just beginning.

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