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CHRISMY Lights Shaped As Christmas Trees

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CHRISMY lights designed by Teresa Sapey for VONDOM are shaped after Christmas trees. Specializing on furniture and indoor and outdoor lighting VONDOM manufactures many different lights in creative unsual shapes. Teresa Sapey designed a beautiful Christmas tree shape that looks like it’s made of numerous connected discs.

The design and shape of CHRISMY lights is both natural and stylish. The pyramid like trees look simply amazing when grouped together or stand separately. There are five different sizes to choose from.

CHRISMY Lights Shaped As Christmas Trees

Produced in different sizes the CHRISMY lights are an ultimate outdoor decoration. The gentle glow changes light from white to yellow to blue and red, and the tree itself comes in narrower or wider shapes as well as can be taller or shorter.

CHRISMY will transform outdoors for holidays. They can be placed on the porch or inside the yard. The different size tree lights can also be grouped and arranged together to create a focal point for Christmas ourdoor decor.

CHRISMY Lights Shaped As Christmas Trees

But it seems like the Christmas tree lamp can also be used indoors so you don’t have to look for a live tree or a good artifical alternative. CHRISMY will not only decorate the house but will also provide it with light.

CHRISMY is made of LEDs that change five colors. Equipped with a remote control the tree can be set to one particular color. There are also very small CHRISMY lights that can be used as table lights and simply enhance the house holiday decor.


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