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Unusual Architecture: House With Transparent Walls

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Transparent walls in your house can open a beautiful panoramic view given that you live in the middle of beautiful forest. However, an architect Alberto Campo Baeza thought that New York would be a good place to build a transparent house. Of course, the park that lies near the site of the house gives a wonderful view to its inhabitants but would you live in a house with transparent walls?

Unusual Architecture: House With Transparent Walls

Called Olnick Spanu House is standing on a platform, this house is 122 feet long features concrete walls and light roof 100 feet long. The walls of the inhabited space are made of glass which allows the nature come right inside your interior, which by itself is very minimalistic and laconic.

The center of the house is, of course, a living and dining rooms. The house also has a swimming pool. The bathrooms and bedrooms are wisely hidden inside the cement walls. The idea is grand and if you are living in the area like this the transparent walls are not a problem but a huge addition to your living space.

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