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5 Modern House Extension Designs

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Many old houses require remodeling as they grow old with time. But some also may require extension as the family grows bigger or certain issues arise. The extension can be small or as big as the house itself it all depends on your needs and budget.

Modern House Extensions

MCK Architects

5 Modern House Extension Designs

MCK Architects created an extension to a bungalow in Australia to increase space in the house also allowing access to the garden. The extension also has glazed walls that allow residents enjoying the sunlight and surrounding views from the ground level.

Atelier Heiss Architects

5 Modern House Extension Designs

Atelier Heiss Architects had a task of preserving the facade while adding a modern extension to the rear end of the house. The modern architecture of the extension features the glazed walls, a terrace that overloooks the swimming pool.

CHAN Architecture

5 Modern House Extension Designs

CHAN Architecture has designed an extension to the Edwardian house that was built instead of the old kitchen. The new extension includes a living and dining area and a new kitchen. The rounded geometric shapes look interesting without changing the look of the whole house.

Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

5 Modern House Extension Designs

Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects were hired to renovate and extend the 1979 house in Connecticut. The architects finished the house with palette and create a new master suite connected to the main house with a glass bridge.

Tamir Addadi

5 Modern House Extension Designs

Architect Tamir Addadi created this modern extension for a Victorian English house to create a connection between the house and the garden. To connect the two a basement floor was extended into the garden to create a direct access to it.

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