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3 Charming Kid’s Garden Playhouses

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In our childhood many of us dreamed of having our own room, where you can play and have fun without worrying that excessive noise would cause adults’ resentment. And a small house would be more desirable. We try to make personal rooms for our children. But if you live in a private house with a pretty good piece of land, it might make sense to go further and build a kids playhouse in the garden.

3 Charming Kid’s Garden Playhouses for Your Inspiration

Nest-playhouse on the tree

Nest-playhouse on the tree

We offer you get inspired by three great ideas of children’s garden houses.

Wonderful nest-playhouse

It is a house, which all children of 4-5 years would like to have. Even if your child is not interested in climbing trees, this playhouse for games and leisure will charm him. It was built for the girl, but if you have a boy, it would be easy to do another design.

You will need a small plot of land with a tall tree, whose trunk is thick enough, but it does not have low branches. Wooden cabin is constructed so that a part of the trunk was inside. That is especially important: because in this case there is no “cheating”, it is really a “nest”.

Kid’s garden playhouse by Ashley and Jamin

There was just one tree in a garden covered by lawn. It was so awesome that it became the best place to build the kid’s playhouse.

If you decided to build something like that, use Ashley’s advice. First consider structural details, because they must be not only beautiful, but also completely reliable. It comes with a solid basis of stairs (even withstand the weight of a very heavy adult), walls, roof and railing fence (designed for a child of any age).

Sails-like canopy designates an entry into the interior of the house. Also it adds a piece of secret, looks airy, and does not require large expenditures.

Garden playhouse for Irma

And this cute little house was created by Swedish decorator Kicki Wieslander for her daughter. First she got a small garden shed, and then fully painted it: walls (outside + inside) and ceiling – in white, and the door – in bright red.

Now there is a multifunctional space, almost a mini-apartment inside the house. At one end there is a comfortable bench with pillows. The space under the bench is filled with plastic containers to hide toys. At the other end there is a spacious countertop for drawing and crafts, fixed to the wall by brackets.

There is also a “kitchen area” in front of the door between the windows. It has a stove, which is almost indistinguishable from the real (but, in fact, a toy) and pretty shelves for dishes and sweet jars.

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    I bought this kind of toy for my Two year old grand son.i’m also finding that my Very picky oldest boy is really struggling something totally new
    to eat because he is indeed fascinated with the action of cooking.

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