• Space Generator Concept

    Space Generator, invented by Russian architects from Architime Design Group, won the main prize in the field of design at the Red Dot Design Concept 2013-2014.  See the amazing space design concept by Russian architects

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  • Space Enhancing Techniques

    Space, it’s never enough. But you can always enhance space within home by using several simple techniques that help save and declutter space. Easy Space Enhancing Techniques

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  • Dressing Room Design Ideas

    Dressing room can be a perfect place for a closet organizer and all the clothes. It should definitely be spacious if you have much clothes but it also has to be functional. Check out Dressing Room Design Ideas

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  • Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathroom

    Small bathroom requires careful planning while decorating and remodeling. From color scheme to furniture think space-conscious solutions. Check out Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathroom

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  • Space Enhancing Interior Accessories for Small Apartments

    Space is vital in the small apartment. So in addition to designing wisely try some space enhancing interior accessories for small apartments. Check out Space Enhancing Interior Accessories for Small Apartments

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  • Basement Remodeling Ideas

    Basement is another place in your home that is usually cluttered with stuff, well, say used as a storage area. But there are many ways to remodel your basement into a living space. Check out Basement Remodeling Ideas

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  • How to Arrange Interior Accessories

    Interior accessories are part of home decor. They can jazz up or clutter the space. Learn How to Arrange Interior Accessories

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  • Closet Organizers

    Closet organizers or closet storage systems are important when it comes to keeping stuff and making the home roomy and clean. Check out Closet Organizers

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  • Interior Design in Contemporary style

    Contemporary or modern style is minimalist, but can be comfortable and stylish too. Check out Interior Design in Contemporary style

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  • 10 Interior Decorating Rules

    Decorating isn’t simple, but neither it is impossible to learn. To decorate your own home or room takes some time to figure out what style or styles you want to incorporate into your design, colors and lighting, furniture and interior accessories. Read 10 Interior Decorating Rules

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