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Staircase and Desktop in One

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The staircase is an integral part of many houses. However, in most cases such structural elements occupy too much valuable space inside the building. That’s why there invented stairs with alternating steps. Although they look scary, and in some cases they may seem unsafe at all, such stairs occupy less than a half space compared to conventional counterparts.

Staircase with Desktop by Mieke Meijer

Object élevé by Mieke Meijer

Object élevé by Mieke Meijer 

Dutch designer Mieke Meijer decided to develop this concept and combined similar staircase with a desk and shelves, which resulted in a unique element of the interior, called Object élevé, that can complement any home interior.

Multifunctional furniture is very popular, especially for a small living space. Such furniture saves space. It is multifunctional and quite comfortable. Designers are constantly coming up with new solutions, looking for options of multifunctional and ergonomic furniture, creating items such as this unique staircase.

This is not just a staircase, in the sense that we are accustomed to see it. This is an example of a multifunctional furniture that both doubles storage space, and hides the workspace.

The unique combination of materials (oak and black steel), in addition to the form, makes this piece of furniture very interesting and standing out in the interior. Design of the stairs is quite simple, and quite suitable for a minimalist style of modern apartments.

The staircase is divided into two parts, both the upper and the lower parts can be adapted to the needs of a user. Shelving and storage space are harmoniously integrated into the stairs, and are great for storage and location of needed items.

There are panels of different heights, which complement the stairs. They can be used as a table. The lower section has broader stairs, but every upper stair becomes narrower and steeper.

Installation Object élevé was developed by Meijer and his colleagues from his Mieke Meijer design studio through the request of the owner of a cottage in Wassenaar (town in the southern part of the Netherlands).

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