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Space Enhancing Techniques

Space-enhancing techniques can help make the small room look and feel bigger. There are many tricks that can visually enhance space. Using design tips, decorations and proper organization one can have a cozy and more spacious home.

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Space, it’s never enough. But you can always enhance space within home by using several simple techniques that help save and declutter space. If you’re in the remodeling process and thinking about how to make the room seem bigger spend some time on learning which colors and tricks can help do that. If the design is ready but there isn’t enough space think about where organization went wrong.

Space Enhancing Techniques

Space Enhancing Colors & Tricks

We’ve already written about how darker colors make the small room look boxy and tight while the light tones make it seem bigger. Use lighter shades that reflect light to enhance the living space. Natural light is the best so multiply it by placing a mirror near the window. Thus the room will be lighter and seem larger than it is.

Vertical stripes make the ceilings look higher while wide horizontal stripes make narrow rooms look wider. Busy patterns make the room look cluttered and too dynamic so try to avoid using such patterns in the decor especially walls and large furniture items.


Organization can help enhance space and declutter the room. Get rid of unnecessary things – sell, donate, recycle. Make sure there is a place for everything. Space-saving furniture can also help with storing smaller things. Pay attention to organizers, they should be effective and convenient.

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