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  • Onyx Stone in Interior Design

    Onyx is an amazing quartz stone that comes in a variety of colors and allows for beautiful interior design. Onyx Interiors

  • Chocolate Factory in New York to Become Luxury Housing

    This spacious chocolate factory is about to be turned into luxury housing with 1 to 4 bedroom condominiums being offered from $2.5 million. SoHo Chocolate Factory Turned Condo Complex

  • Bathroom Feature Wall Ideas

    Feature walls make a beautiful addition to the living room, bedroom, and even kitchen but this decoration method can easily be used in the bathroom as well. Bathroom Design Ideas

  • Small Kids Room Design Ideas

    Small kids room requires careful planning before decorating. There are several zones to squeeze into small space as well as create an engaging decor. Small Kids Room Designs

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  • Nursery Design Ideas

    Nursery furniture sets should not necessarily be white, baby blue or pink. The nursery is a place for a child to sleep, play and grow so there are more engaging nursery design ideas. Interesting Nursery Design Ideas

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  • Entry Hall Design Ideas

    Entry hall is the first thing we see when entering the house so it must not be neglected design-wise. Cool Entry Hall Design Ideas

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  • How to Choose Focal Point in Your Interior

    Why do we need a focal point in a room anyway? Why is this design rule is that important for a good interior design? Grab and Hold Attention with Focal Point

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  • How to Create Stylish Feature Wall

    Feature wall is not only for family portraits and framed photographs. Find out more exciting ideas of how to create a stylish feature wall. Feature Wall: Tips & Design Ideas

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