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5 Interesting Lighting Options For Your Interior

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Lighting can make even the most boxy room look airy and beautiful. It can accent your decorations and illuminate the darkest corners. It can create atmosphere and even decorate your walls with beautiful shadow patterns. Besides the light fixtures themselves make great interior accessories or they can be built into the architecture in a creative way.

Examples of Amazing Interior Lighting

Staircase ambient lighting

Staircase rail lighting

Staircase is a perfect area to use ambient lighting not only for decorative purposes but also for practical ones. The rope lights hidden under the rail illuminate every step of the way so that you see exactly where your foot goes. With this lighting option you can get away with modern minimalism and no addtional accessories at all.


Cini&Nils LED wall lamps

Certain lighting fixtures play with light and shadow giving your walls beautiful diverse patterns. But fixtures like these Cini&Nils wall lamps can make the best of both and physically decorate your walls at all times.

Rock star light sign

Rock star light sign in boy’s room

Sign lights aren’t that practical but they are great for decor. They are low-key and they can spell the mood of the room in one word. Depending on your style you can choose the lamp signs that are more retro looking or neon lights that will do great in a modern room.

String lights

String lights

String lights aren’t just for holiday season. These can be used in so many different ways, you just have to find the one that will fit your room and mood.

FP House - Bologna by Marco Costanzi architetti

FP House by Marco Costanzi architetti

Built in lights can make the interior completely unique and interesting. From rope lights to little light niches, this lighting definitely looks impressive and beautiful.

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