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Recycling At Home: Compost Your Food Scraps In Bono Composter

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Recycling is good for the soul environment, but it’s not always possible or rather impossible to have, say, a composting pile outside your apartment. Designer Ala Sieradzka decided to solve the problem with a portable composter called Bono.

Recycle Your Food Scraps With Bono Composter

Ala Sieradzka composter

Bono is an aluminum pot equipped with a tray and a draw-out collector made of expanded cork for fluids from the composter, which also features ventilation holes. Lined with an old newspaper or paper towel and filled with eisenia fetida or earthworms and food scraps Bono composter will produce a nutrient-rich compost, which you can use to plant home herbs, plants, and veggies while the fluids could be used for watering.

If you’ve always dreamt of growing your own little garden or a veggie patch you can now do it organically even if you live in an apartment.

Ala Sieradzka composting

Ala Sieradzka composter food scraps

Ala Sieradzka composting

Ala Sieradzka composter fluids

Ala Sieradzka Bono compost

Ala Sieradzka composter pot

Ala Sieradzka composter tray

composter design


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