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Decorating Ideas For Safe Home

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Eco-friendly and safe decorating might seem challenging but there are plenty of ways of creating a safe decor with natural and recyclable materials. When creating such decor opt for natural materials or at least make sure to choose safe items that don’t contain hazardous elements or off-gass toxic chemicals. Also be sure to see this household safety checklist to create a safe environment for you and your family.

Safe Home Decor Ideas

Dining Room Photographer By Trevor Tondro

Dining room interior photographed by Trevor Tondro

It’s always a great idea to start from the very beginning and design your entire home in green/safe manner. Think toxic-free paints, biodegradable natural wallpaper, and eco-friendly flooring.

Opt For Bamboo

Bamboo is a great renewable material that can be used in anything from flooring to furniture to kitchen tools. It gives the decor the natural finish and warmth of wood without use of actual trees. Use it in furnishings and kitchen tools.

Opt Out of MDF

MDF and other similar materials like particleboard and plywood often use formaldehyde in their binding materials that help keep all the particles, saw dust, wood chips and veneers together.

Natural materials like solid woods although may require high-maintenance, are sturdy and last very long with proper care.

Opt Out of PVC

PVC also known as vinyl is commonly used in flooring but can be found in other decor items as well like in wall vinyl stickers. It is considered harmful to nature and humans by environmental supporters but there is also a debate on just how dangerous PVC is for everyday use. Anyway, natural materials are not only sturdy but are also recyclable, so it’s better to opt out of PVC and other plastics if you want to create a safe home decor.

Lead-Free Ceramics

Ceramics are an important part of decorating as is glassware. When choosing decorative bowls, vases and especially dishes make sure your ceramics and stained glass are lead-free just like your wall paint as lead is toxic especially to children. Also watch out for cadmium that is linked to kidney disease, fragile bones and many other health hazards.

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