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Green Architecture & Sustainable Design

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The term green architecture (or design) is responsible for eco-friendly construction. But green architecture not only about literally integrating greenery into the buildings; facades or structures. It’s also about constructing a sustainable building that is energy efficient, well insulated and eco-friendly.

Green Architecture & Sustainable Design

Richard Meier & Partners eco-friendly office project

Eco-Friendly Design & Green Architecture

Sustainable design is one of the key concepts in the green architecture and product design, for that matter. The sustainable design implies that the product will not adversely affect the environment or drain non-renewable resources. The recyclability of the product is also very important for sustainable design.

Materials used in green architecture have to be recyclable and organic. The recycled building material from demolitions is also used in green architecture. Green architecture also makes best of the building location to reduce the energy consumption for lighting, heating, and cooling.

Relatively novel features of green architecture are the solar panels that help reduce the electrical power comsumption and rainwater collectors for recycling rain water.

There are more and more public architectural projects like 606 tower as well as private residences that use approach of sustainable design and green architecture.

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