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Amazing Window Designs

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We often write about architecture and various buildings but now it’s time to break it down to details. The windows are undoubtedly an important part of almost any building. The windows are usually designed in traditional rectangular shape with plain frames and clear glass. Today we want to explore different other styles found in modern architecture to show that windows can be much more expressive and unusual.

Amazing Window Shapes & Designs

Amazing Window Designs

The first innovation that comes to mind is a corner window. The corner windows are great at bringing more light into the house and giving more view of the outdoors. The corner windows are used in different rooms from home office to bathroom.

Greg Lynn did a twist on a corner window for his Bloom House which appears in a shape of an eyelet.

Amazing Window Designs

The windows, of course, can be designed in other geometric shapes providing an alternative for a traditional rectangular or a classic arched window. For instance, the Brent Knoll house remodeled by March Studio features a triangular shaped window in a sitting area that is itself shaped and constructed in angles.

Amazing Window Designs

The Ribbon House by G2 Estudio feature narrow floor-to ceiling angled windows that help bring more light into the house as well as open to the beautiful views.

Amazing Window Designs

Beside the shape the windows can most definitely be decorated and enhanced with help of stylish frames, beautiful detailing and covers. HYLA Architects created a window design that adds detail and style to their Acoustic Alchemy House.

The windows shouldn’t necesserily be odd-shaped. The building’s facade or frame can feature unusual carvings for windows thus making them look odd-shaped and interesting. This is often used in modern architecture.

Take a look at more amazing window designs and tell us what kind of windows you like the most.

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