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Storage Friendly Buddy Table

Small things can easily clutter the coffee table or a side table surface and make it look untidy. The Buddy table was designed by Bao-Nghi Droste just right for easy and safe storage of things.

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Bao-Nghi Droste has designed a cool storage-friendly table that can be used anywhere in the house for storing small things. The Buddy tabletop shaped as a container allows storing small things safely. The Buddy is available in two sizes and colors.

Storage Friendly Buddy Table

Buddy is an iconic piece of furniture serving as an occasional table and storage element in domestic enviroments as well as in lobby/lounge areas in public spaces. The main feature of this object is the bowl-shaped table top that is made of spun and powder-coated aluminium.

The Buddy table is stylish and cool. It can be placed in a small hall instead of the side table as it doesn’t take up much space. Or it could be used in a living room or kitchen for storing small things like remote controls and other such stuff. What do you think about the Buddy table?

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