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Kamijiya Paper Table by Miso And S.O.N

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This amazing display paper table was created by Miso and S.O.N for a company SUZUKI SHOFUDO. The table has a beautiful base made out of paper. The Kamijiya table base is made of paper shaped specifically to increase its strength. The Kamijiya round tabletop is made of glass so it shows off the full beauty of the paper base.

Kamijiya Paper Table by Miso And S.O.N

It was a corporate project to create display furniture with long-established company called “SUZUKI SHOFUDO,” where they deal with Japanese traditional paper in Kyoto. The theme of the furniture is to use only paper both for framework and design. With paper’s workability and flexibility, we derived one unique form after spending a couple of months to study full-scale honeycomb-shaped frameworks which would compensate weakness of paper.

Due to its specific design Kamijiya paper table can be folded for easy transportation. The table also fits into the store’s traditional design functioning as an eye-catchy decorative object. Kamijiya paper table design shows once again just how fragile and at the same time strong a paper material can be.

Amazing Kamijiya Paper Table:

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