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Metallic Sink And Bathtub Is Stylish Interior Addition

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Metallics are the latest interior decorating trend, which you should be taking advantage of if you are planning on remodeling soon. They aren’t just functional though, you can introduce them just as accents into your decor. The sink or bathtub though require installation and additional care.

metallic sink

A reflective metallic sink goes along well with mirror tiles and metallic furniture

As we wrote in the post about metallic tiles some metals require more special care than others. For instance, copper can easily oxidize and develop patina and stainless steel scratches easily. You should use your metallic sinks and tubs carefully as not to scratch them or use abrasive cleaners.

A bowl sink or a freestanding tub are beautiful bathroom solutions but a metallilc sink in the kitchen doesn’t necesserily have to be stainless steel or have an industrial design. You can go for hammered steel, which will look amazing with marble countertops and quality wood.

A freestanding tub can also feature just the metallic sides but have a regular interior. You can probably spray paint your freestanding tub on the outside if you want to add a metallic finish to it.

Metallic Sinks And Bathtubs

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