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Stylish “Little Ben” Side Table

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“Little Ben” is a side table designed by Studio Dreimann. A sleek stylish creation is a modern take on a classic furniture item. “Little Ben” is a stylish modern side table with a twist. It’s base features an opening that can function as a magazine holder.


“Little Ben” is cute and functional. The long base features three smaller legs and a round tabletop. It can easily function as a tea table and simply as a surface for displaying decorations, glassware, and flower pots. Small side tables as this one suit smaller spaces while providing a surface for storage and use.

The magazine or book holder is a nice little twist in the “Little Ben” design as it gives the table a new function as well as makes reading material always available and at hand without exposing it to the risk of water or coffee spillage in case when it’s stored on the table surface.

“Little Ben” is made of beech wood and coated in modern and stylish black shade. The lines are both classic and modern which makes this side table quite versatile.

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