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Garage Transformed Into Guest House And Studio

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This project by PATH Architecture is a garage transformed into a guest house/yoga studio/artist’s studio. A two-storey multipurpose building features an outdoor spa and a sauna. Garages don’t boast natural light so the building was enhanced with multiple windows including floor-to-ceiling ones.

Garage Transformed Into Guest House

Garage Transformed Into Multipurpose Living Space

Laurelhurst Studio Garage Exterior


The interior clad in wood is furnished with a wooden sofa, dining table, and storage. Sofa turns into a bed while the dining table can be hidden under a desk freeing up the space in the house. The desk, in turn, provides with the working space.

The design is simple and natural and perfectly matches the exterior. The floort-to-ceiling windows give view of backyard with trees and some greenery.


Exterior is done in warm taupe color with wooden elements. Even the garage door was made in wood and enhanced with small windows. The backyard is divided from the house’s garage entrance with a wooden fence.


The house features all the necessary amenities including a sauna, outdoor spa, fire pit, outdoor eating area, and outdoor kitchen. The spa is built into a small deck with wide steps. The fire pit stands behind the eating area while a BBQ and a sink are built into a stone table near the house.


Versatility of this trasnformed garage is even greater than this. The amenities make outdoors a great entertainment area for guests who can sleep over in the guest house. The residents themselves can use the house as a retreat for relaxation and rest.

A garage is another great way to enxpand your living space. If you want to have your own studio or a guest house you can consider a garage as an option since it is a ready structure that can be enhanced for your needs.

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