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Pl(a)ywood by Silvia Knüppel

Unusual furniture item can become a great focal point in the room. It can also add a special touch to the decor. Pl(a)ywood by Silvia Knüppel is not only a functional modular furniture item but also a decorative object.

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Pl(a)ywood is a chest of drawers designed by Silvia Knüppel. Composed of 38 layers of plywood Pl(a)ywood chest of drawers can be rearranged and changed in shape. An unconventional design makes this chest of drawers not only a functional furniture item but also a beautiful decorative object of classic and recognizable shape.

Pl(a)ywood by Silvia Knüppel

Yet due to its very design Pl(a)ywood can easily change its shape and be used quiet differently than its more traditional counterpart. Though one must be consider the weight distribution of boards that the Pl(a)ywood chest of drawer consists of since they aren’t secured.

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