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Traditional-Modern Flab Table

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We have been talking about mixing the traditional and modern styles lately. London-based designer Kenyon Yeh has created a colorful table that combines both traditional and modern design. The Flab table is made of a black lacquered table top and bright yellow legs. The color contrast is great but what really draws the eye is the contrast of styles in a table top and legs.

Traditional-Modern Flab Table

Description from the designer:

Inspired by classic table leg shape, Flab outcome brings freshness and excitement looks.Fixed by steel element to form up the table. The design intention is to bring up the iconic leg shape that is beautifully made from 3 mm steel cut and bended to form the leg.

The combination will fit for public space, house dinner table, or working table.

The beauty of the Flab table is not only a nice contrast between the classic and modern but also its versatility. It does look great for a dinner table, it can make a great home office desk and also be used in some public office or other place. The table legs are decorative but are flattened and thus the contrast remains subtle but the bright color brings it out more.

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