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Pantone’s Forecasts for 2014 Interior Color Trends

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Pantone, one of the biggest color authorities in the world, has outlined the nine main color themes for interior design in the upcoming year. According to PANTONE® VIEW home + interiors 2014, there are nine main color themes in trends for home interior design.

2014 Interior Color Trends from Pantone

Innovative technocolor is a palette of bright and deep colors such as silver, faceted emerald, turquoise, exuberant orange, strong purple, rolling in jet black.

living room in Innovative techno colors

Innovative techno pallette

Innovative techno color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Physicality colors smartly combine strong power and energy colors with calming shades. The colors like “Forged Iron, a Satellite Gray, Antique Moss and Gothic Olive…” interact with “… the healing shades of an herbal lavender, a grayed grape, a rosy brown and a quieting, ephemeral foggy gray”.

Physicality color trend by Pantone

Pantone's Physicality pallette

Physicality color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Sculpted Simplicity gives us simplicity of form and structure. The colors are shown in shades that allow you to focus your attention on the objects of the interior. Colors are modest and harmoniously adapted to each other.

Sculpted Simplicity color trend by Pantone

Sculpted Simplicity pallette by Pantone

Sculpted Simplicity color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Fluidity theme is presented in cold tones, expressed in dazzling blue and blue-green colors. Looking at this color palette we can feel the sea theme with its slick algae and glowing corals.

Fluidity color trend by Pantone

Fluidity pallette trend in 2014 by Pantone.

Fluidity color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Collage carries a certain piquancy, as it artfully blend shades of different color palettes in one. It is a collection of various lost and found things: the old, forgotten or, on the contrary, evoking nostalgia. But despite their diversity, together these colors create an unusually interesting picture. The colors in this palette are: tea rose, deep reddish rhubarb, warm pumpkin color, the provincial blue, and beautiful teal among others.

Collage color trend by Pantone.

Pantone's Collage pallette

Collage color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Intimacy is presented in soft and gentle, warm and cold neutral colors and shades. The palette includes ideal colors for bedroom.

Pantone's Intimacy color trend

Pantone's Intimacy pallette

Intimacy color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Moda is a theater stage and high fashion in your home. The colors are bright and vivid, dramatic and bizarre. The materials that occur in the imagination are gold and velvet. These colors give the interior a luxurious look.

Moda color trend in 2014 by Pantone.

Pantone's Moda pallette

Moda color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Tribal Threads shows tribal diversity in all its splendor. These colors are woven into the ethnic themes, combining the colors of different ethnic groups and creating a single universal color combination.

Pantone's Tribal Threads

Pantone's Tribal Threads pallette

Tribal Threads color trend in 2014 by Pantone

Eccentricities is, well, eccentric color palette that challenges the “design rules”. It boldly mixes and blends incredibly different colors. A designer experiment and play with colors will create original combinations.

Eccentricities color trend by Pantone.

Pantone's Eccentricities pallette

Eccentricities color trend in 2014 by Pantone

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