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How To Decorate Bedroom For Sound Sleep

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Bedroom is an important area of the house. It should be quiet and comfortable in order to provide with goo and sound sleep. Design and decorate away all the things that make your bedroom noisy and too dark or too illuminated.

Decorate Bedroom to Improve Sleep

Bedroom with canopy bed

Bedroom with a canopy bed

Choose Quietest Room

First of all, set up or move a bedroom into the quietest room in the house. It doesn’t have to be too big but it also doesn’t have to be too tiny especially if you can’t stand tight spaces. If moving the bedroom is not an option you can reduce noise by sealing the windows or even soundproof your walls especially if you live in an apartment with neighbors all around.

Opt for Blue

Blue has calming properties so it’s the best color choice for the room you sleep in. Avoid colors that are too bright and change the wall paint color if you feel that the color is too active. Go for neutral tones and just a few bright accents if necessary.

Less is More

When it comes to bedroom decor less is indeed more as you don’t want to sleep in a museum nor do you want to feel like you’re trapped in a closet full of stuff. Don’t overdecorate the room and don’t store everything there even though it’s the most private room in the house.

Make sure there is enough light in the room but that it doesn’t affect your sleep too much. Have a pair of thick curtains if you live in a city where there are lots of neon lights in the night. If the room is too dark and you’re having trouble waking up consider moving to a lighter room or adding a skylight to your bedroom.

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