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Yellow And Blue Color Scheme

Yellow and blue color schemes is fresh and bright. It equally works great for kitchen and living room. Various hues of blue and yellow make for different mood but it's still very refreshing and interesting.

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Yellow and blue look great together. Both are bright and can be mixed in various shades as well as look good with other bright accent colors. The various hues and intensity of yellow and blue can make for interesting color schemes. Both colors can be intensive and bright as well as both can be pale and washed out or one can be brighter than the other. To create nice contrast throw in the neutrals or accent brights.

Yellow And Blue Color Scheme

Gray and white as well as other neutral colors may add contrast to a bright yellow and blue color scheme while green, pink and orange can be used as bright accents. Blue and yellow color scheme can be used in any room and make for beautiful and bright design.

Adding more colors to the color scheme will make it more complex and interesting so when you chose the hues of blue and yellow try adding samples of other colors to it and see what works.

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