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Black House for Five Families

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Friends from Belgium, one of the most densely populated countries in the world, spend vacations together. Five families each year travel to Quebec, Canada. And since this tradition is entrenched, they decided that it would be cheaper to buy a house than to live in hotels.

Vacation House for Five Families in Canada

Black house in Laurentians Mountains, in 125 miles to to Montreal, Canada.

Black house in Laurentians Mountains, in 125 miles to to Montreal, Canada

The friends had one requirement for the home interior: to be as far as possible from civilization. The needed house was found quickly in almost uninhabited Laurentians Mountains, on the shores of a lake surrounded by forests, and with half a thousand acres of land in the bargain.

They were not going to become large landowners, but who would refuse such a guarantee of privacy? It is about 125 miles to Montreal and about 10 miles to the nearest village. The only living creatures that can disturb the owners of the house are bears. But they are not intrusive.

The house also suited the expectations of the friends. It is simple, log, traditionally Canadian. The house was built for an Austrian fishing organization in the 1990’s.

Only layout and design demanded some revision. Belgians wanted to keep the spirit of the country but so that the interior looked concise and modern. They hired the Brussels bureau Instore. The designers from Instore brought the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to five, taking into account the number of families; picked discreet modern furniture and painted the whole interior in charcoal gray, almost black color.

The only exception is made for bright red monochrome painting. Not many dare to use dark shades, but the hosts together with the designers felt that they have too many colors outside, so they did not need to add more.

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