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Tiffany Lamps: Transcending Through Times

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Everybody at some point in their lifes heard about Tiffany company. Have you? Check out their amazing lamp designs that transcend through time and styles.

Tiffany Lamp

Century old elegant and intricate designs

Tiffany lamps are famous for their chic and elegance. They are easily recognized by a plethora of colors and ultimate style. The first lamp was made in 1895, and subsequently each lamp was crafted handmade by skilled artists. The Tiffany Company, based in New York, is famous for its lamps that can be divided into seven different groups: Irregular Upper, Lower Border, Favrile, Geometric, Transition to Flowers, Flowered Cone and Flowered Globe. The lamps are considered to be part of Art Nouveau style. Each lamp is collected from single tainted glass pieces. That is why, the Tiffany Lamps are so unique and awesome.

The lamps have prominent flower designs, or dragonflies, spiders, and even some of underwater themed lamps. The owner of the firm, Louis Comfort Tiffany, had his first exhibition in 1899, exposing his Nautilus lamp. At present time, Tiffany & Co are owned and run by the descendants of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The company now is doing jewelry, lamps and other luxury item.

More on the amazing Tiffany Lamps:

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