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Eco-Friendly Branch Pendant Lamp

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Tree branches can be pretty useful inside your houses as well, as a branch pendant for your kitchen lamps, or some other room décor. This amazing DIY pendant is eco-friendly and stylish.

Eco-Pendant Lamp

DIY Tree Branch Décor

Remember using tree branch as a curtain rod? Well, branches are certainly not limited in its usage. The branch pendant lamp is easy to make and environmentally sound. As eco designs are gaining popularity, and the branch pendant lamp is very original and nice. Follow these simple instructions to make your very own eco-pendant lamp.

Of course first of all you need to find a branch that would suit your interior, this can be old and curvy, or not so old and straight. Either way, once you have found your perfect match, take into consideration your interior design. Will your branch pendant suit the decor? And if not, what steps should you take to make it at home?

There are plenty different variation of branches and millions of lamps to go along with them. Make sure that both match your interior. Branch pendant lamp can be attached and hanging from the ceiling, or it can be sort of hovering above the table, or whenever you want them to be placed. If your pendant is hanging from the ceiling make sure it is fixed firmly.

Some go as far as introducing bamboo to the room, the pendant lamp looks like fishing rod with a little lamp as fish snack. Some use simple transparent light bulbs and some even candles on top of the branch. However, as you understand, to be sympathetic with nature you must not cut the branch, but use the old one. It would even look better. You would also need electric cord to turn on your lamps.

To go on with the green theme, you can place greenery around your branch pendant lamp and pretend to be outdoors. Its fun and creative, why not try it?

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