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Brutal Bicycle Chains Chandeliers

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Hearing the word “chandelier”, we tend to imagine the whole scattering of faceted glass beads and crystal beads grooved. However, the interesting and unusual light fixtures can be made of the ordinary bicycle chains.

Beautiful Recycled Bike Chains Chandeliers to Save World

The American designer from California, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has managed to collect quite a few of the original models of chandeliers made of recycled bicycle chains and other parts. She has achieved an unusual and expressive design. But the claim is not only for the aesthetic achievement, she hopes that the original idea can make the world a better and cleaner place and save nature if only slightly from garbage.

American Designer Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

American Designer Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

The talented designer Carolina Fontoura Alzaga has created a project “Connect” – an amazing series of chandeliers made from bicycle parts.

While creating such amazing chandeliers from bicycle chains Carolina draws inspiration from the aesthetics of the Victorian chandeliers, and, of course, the mechanisms of bicycles.

Bike chains chandelier by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Bicycle chains chandelier by Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

As with any work of art, her works are full of hidden meaning and social message. Traditional chandelier in the home of people is seen as a symbol of bourgeois excess and luxury, but recycled bicycle parts give the new chandelier shade of secrecy, modesty, independence and freedom.

Her chandeliers are challenging wealth, and the visual contrast of classic elegance with a modern matte shine of metal highlights this. Furthermore, as they are made of existing materials, they challenge the need to produce new things.

Carolina's bicycle chains chandelier in the interior.

Carolina’s bicycle chains chandelier in the interior

Dutch designer Laurence van Seventer is also looking for the possibility of processing bicycle chains in the country, where the bicycles are important means of transportation.

Dutch designer Laurence van Seventer.

Dutch designer Laurence van Seventer 

She collects bicycle chains that are degreased by hand, followed by plasma cutting and welding parts in multi-level chandeliers, table or wall lamps that look very unusual and are used in public interior design in hotels around the world.

Bicycle chains chandelier by Dutch designer Laurence van Seventer.

Bicycle chains chandelier by Dutch designer Laurence van Seventer 

The heaviest multi-level chandelier for rooms with high ceilings weighs 60 kg, but the light fixtures for common rooms are many times lighter and create the same original play of light and shadow through the chain links. In addition to bicycle chains, the designer uses the old parts of motorcycles and cars, to reduce the amount of garbage. She creates industrial-style chandeliers Lolo Palazzo, reminiscent of the era of chivalry and those miles that drove each circuit before becoming a lighting instrument.

bicycle chains chandelier by Dutch designer Laurence van Seventer.

Another work of the Dutch designer Laurence van Seventer 

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