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More Than A Lamp – ‘Curiosity Object’

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Curiosity Object is more than just a lamp. Designed by Gaëlle, Gabillet, and Stéphane Villard Curiosity Object allows to contemplate and display various objects. Made of oak base and blown transparent glass dome-like cover Curiosity Object can be filled with various objects and slightly illuminated with help of a little bulb.

More Than A Lamp - 'Curiosity Object'

The lamp comes in floor and wall versions. When not switched on the bulb in the lamp becomes invisible due to the dark tinted top of the glass dome. The designers demonstrate how the the Curiosity Object works displaying rocks and transparent door handles.

The object on display is gently emphasized by the gleam of the bulb. In case with rocks the Curiosity Object looks like a mountain miniature. It’s also great that any object can be put into it. What do you think about Curiosity Object?

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