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Creating Focal Point With Statement Mirror

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Mirror is a great way of adding a focus point to the room as well as filling in the empty wall above the sofa, fireplace, or elsewhere. What is a statement mirror? It is a mirror that has an interesting design or an intricate frame. It instantly adds a certain flair to the room and makes it look more interesting.

Creating Focal Point With Statement Mirror

Create Focal Point With Mirror


Choose location for your statement mirror. It can be any room in the house, some rooms simply require a mirror like a bathroom or a powder room. Choose the wall to hang your mirror. It’s best be a feature wall so that the mirror would be seen right from the entrance.


Choose a mirror depending on the size of an empty wall. If it’s too big it will look awkward as well as if it’s too small. Place the mirror against the wall in your chosen location and shift it left and right, up and down to see where it would look good.


Choose a frame that suits your interior design. It should be in style with other accessories and decorations or at least look good in the mix with elements of other styles.

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