2012 March

  • Wardrobe Storage Idea: Clothes Rack

    Clothes rack can become an interesting interior accessory. It’s minimalistic shape fits well into small-spaced interiors. Clothes Rack Storage

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  • Outdoor Lounge Area Design Ideas On Budget

    Outdoor lounge area is a great gathering place. In the garden, beside the pool, or in the back yard the lounge area allows enjoying fresh air while eating or resting. Budget Outdoor Lounge Area Designs

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  • Pixel Table by Studio Intussen

    This cool pixelated table was designed by Studio Intussen. Made out of bamboo the table consists of numerous sticks that create pixel-like effect. Pixelated Bamboo Table

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  • Stylish Minimalistic Bedroom Designs

    Stylish minimalistic bedroom can be a perfect getaway with calm atmosphere and uncluttered space. Stylish Minimalistic Bedrooms

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  • Attic Remodeling: Bathroom

    Attic Remodeling: Bathroom

     Cool Attic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas>>>

  • Cool Design Ideas


  • Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

    Modern dining room design can be both formal and casual. The clean lines give the modern dining room polished look. Modern Dining Room Designs

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  • How To Organize Laundry Room

    A separate laundry can be really useful in keeping the technology out of sight. Tip to Organizing Laundry Room

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  • Canopy In Outdoor Decorating

    Canopy is a beautiful way to decorate outdoors. It also gives a little privacy to the outdoor area. How To Decorate Outdoors With Canopy

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  • Living Room Seating Area Design & Arrangement Tips

    Living room seating area sets the mood of the room. It constitutes the room. How to Design and Arrange Living Room Seating Area

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  • Cottage Bedroom Interior Designs

    Cottage bedroom is light and airy. Color scheme, floral and beach motifs, and furniture with vintage appeal make cottage style bedroom look simply beautiful. Cottage Chic Bedroom Designs

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  • Spacious Bathroom Design Ideas

    Spacious bathroom designs can have very luxurious feel to them. Spacious Bathroom Designs

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  • Attic Bathroom Designs

    Attic bathroom can become a great spare or guest bath if necessary. Depending on the size of the attic the bathroom can also include a toilet and shower. Attic Bathroom Design Ideas

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  • Design Trend: Bathtub In Bedroom

    Bathtub in a bedroom is an interesting design trend. It may not be very practical but it surely is dramatic. Bathtub In Bedroom

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  • Náutica Hanging Chair by Mut Design

    Náutica Hanging Chair was designed by Mut Design for Expormim. Made of rattan Náutica can be used to relax or read. Náutica Hanging Chair

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  • Gym Equipment In Interior Design

    Home gym requires extra space and there isn’t always any. So how to fit the gym equipment into the interior design without sacrificing the room appearance? How to Fit Gym Equipment Into Interior Design

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  • Bathroom Designs With Freestanding Bathtub

    A freestanding bathtub makes for a beautiful focal point of the room. It can also bring in the touch of luxury and vintage. How To Decorate Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtub

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  • Vintage Decorating Tips

    Decorating with vintage items has almost become a decorating style in its own right. Romantic and elegant vintage comes close to retro and shabby chic. How to Decorate In Vintage Style

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  • Dining Room Designs In Pastels

    Stylish dining room designs come in various colors and hues. Pastels can give the dining room a subtle and elegant look. Cool Dining Room Design Ideas

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