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Attic Bathroom Designs

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Attic bathroom can become a great spare or guest bath if necessary. Depending on the size of the attic the bathroom can also include a toilet and shower. In order to install the bathroom in the attic the remodeling in the plumbing might be needed.

Attic Bathroom Designs


The walls can be finished with paint or wallpaper though the latter might be impractical as the room will be steamed up during each use which can make the wallpaper come unstuck. The walls can be also finished with panels and molding for an elegant look.


Tile floors are more practical in any bathroom but wooden flooring can bring in a home-like and warm feel to it. The floors should also fit into the bathroom color scheme and style.


The number of sanitaryware items in the bathroom depends on the size of the attic. It may be big enough for a freestanding bathtub and a toilet or allow also a shower and a bidet.

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Attic Bathroom Interiors:


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