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Bathroom Designs With Freestanding Bathtub

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A freestanding bathtub makes for a beautiful focal point of the room. It can also bring in the touch of luxury and vintage. There are many different freestanding bathtub designs and styles. Modern freestanding bathtubs come in a wide variety of materials without the feet.

Freestanding Bathtub In Bathroom Decor:

Rustic Decorating Style


When choosing a freestanding bathtub look at the finish. Some bathtubs come with decorative feet, handles, and other accessories. Also make sure the bathtub fits the bathroom style and color scheme.


A freestanding bathtub can give the bathroom a little bit of more free space. The bathtub can be placed further from the wall to become an ultimate focal point of the bathroom. If the bathroom is big enough it can also be furnished with an armchair or a lounge chair for a more room-y feel. A chair or a decorative side table can be used for storing clean towels and other accessories.


A beautiful freestanding bathtub doesn’t need curtains but they can also add a special touch to the bathroom design. A curtain can be fixed at the ceiling on a round curtain holder just like in canopy beds. Curtain can be patterned or light and airy.

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  1. Yossi Says:

    a freestand stone or acrylic bath, has its decorative style, and upgrade the whole bathroom

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    Nice article, you have freestanding bathtub are the focal point of the room.

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