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Spacious Bathroom Design Ideas

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Spacious bathroom designs can have very luxurious feel to them. Spacious bathroom allows various interesting design solutions. It all depends on the budget and tastes. The floor plan can be helpful in picturing the end result.

Spacious Bathroom Design Ideas


Spacious bathroom can have not only a big bathtub but also a shower if necessary. The bathroom can also be divided into sections. One section can be dedicated to bathing while another one to relaxing and resting. Many modern bathrooms have furniture besides sanitaryware.

Color Scheme

Any color scheme will do but the spacious bathroom can be designed in darker tones for a sharp stylish look as well as in patterned wallpaper or different-colored tiles. If the bathroom is very spacious the all-white color scheme might be too much so adding deep neutrals here and there will soften the all-white look.


Furniture can be purely decorative in a spacious bathroom. Lounge chairs and couches add a lived-in feel to the bathroom. Additional furniture gives the bathroom a sophisticated look too. It can also be used for relaxing after the bath.

How To Decorate Spacious Bathroom:

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