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Innovative Wall Finish from Kaza Concrete

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Surface finish made of concrete is becoming more popular in modern interiors. Thanks to new technologies concrete products have not only preserved the traditional strength or durability, but also acquired additional characteristics – flexibility, water resistance, smooth surface, and lower density. It became possible to mold not just massive products, but also small thin tiles for floor and wall finishing.

Innovative Wall Tile: Mystile ™ from Kaza Concrete

Mystile ™ tiles by Kaza Concrete

Mystile ™ tiles by Kaza Concrete

Production workshops in Hungarian town of Szentendre produce the original fiber-reinforced concrete finishes by KAZA Concrete called Mystile ™. The producers call them “smart concrete”. These finish tiles are perfectly suited for interior decoration in a contemporary style. The manufacturer offers a sufficient choice of products with stylish graphic and texture designs: fiber-reinforced concrete lining in the graphic style, eco-style, a 3D effect.

Mystile ™ tiles by Kaza Concrete

Mystile ™ tiles by Kaza Concrete

Interiors finished with tiles by KAZA look futuristic, as if they were imagined by science fiction writers. Concrete tiles are reinforced by concrete fiber. Flexible fiber can be used for a variety of projects and ideas, due to which the innovation may become one of the main discoveries of 2014. What is really interesting, is that modern designers have started to use the innovation, transforming each tile in the handmade art object. According to experts, the KAZA invention can easily replace the boring wallpaper and common ceramic tiles.

Mystile ™ tiles by Kaza Concrete

Mystile ™ tiles by Kaza Concrete

The visual effect is based on the play of light and shadow: depending on the brightness of the room tiles change appearance, making the space more deep and multifaceted. This gives rise to a completely new understanding of the environment: dynamic, flexible, and inspiring. Leading design studios such as Yanko Design, call KAZA one of a kind, the destroyer of the stereotypes by which the visual effect is no longer dependent on the material.

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