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Celebrities’ Dressing Room Designs

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When it comes to wardrobe celebrities put a lot into the design to house all the clothes and footwear in there. There are many inspiring design ideas these celebrities’ dressing rooms have. For instance, take a look at Olivia Wilde’s dressing room. Designed by Laurie Frank, famous gallerist and decorator, it features a statement dressing area that consists of a 19th-century mirrored vanity, Anthropologie mirror chests. A black glass chandelier from Lawson & Fenning adds character to the room, while wooden walls and a cozy cream Cantoni rug make the room feel more homey and yet luxurious.

Celebrities' Dressing Room Designs

Mirrored chest from Anthropologie, Light Drizzle chandelier by Ochre similar to Lawson & Fenning’s one.

Fashion designer Anna Sui went for a monochromatic look with black wooden floors and cream white decorated wall shelvings that occupy both sides of the room. There is a dark wood centerpiece shelf for accessories and an interestingly shaped mirror with a decorative frame. The entrance wall is decorated with patterned wallpaper.

Celebrities' Dressing Room Designs

The dressing room of singer Mariah Carey features luxurious store-like shelves that perfectly organize various types of clothes as well as a plush armchair and foot rest.

Celebrities' Dressing Room Designs

There are also different dressing room designs from likes of Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, and Kardashians in the gallery below. If you want to add some drama and style to your dressing room think mirrored chests, statement lighting, decorative chairs, artworks, and mirrors.

Celebrities Wardrobe Designs

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