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Small Apartments Library Ideas

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Are you book lover? Then you might be obsessed with obtaining and storing your books in a proper way. However, most of us don’t have much space to have a separate room for a library. In this post we will find out about minimum space library designs.

Small Library Designs

Minimum space library designs

Library does necessarily have to be a room designed specifically for reading. If you have minimal space, then you might consider multipurpose room designs. Unlike Reading Corner designs post, we are about to discuss the role of books in the rooms, and how to design the best and unique library with minimum space provided.

What is essential to creating your own library space is: books, space and décor. Now, we are sure to have some extensive collection of books, we have some space that is ultimately shared between your bedroom area and study room, or some other rooms. The only thing left to consider is décor. To start off, it is important to make sure that the décor of the library space won’t contradict the overall impression of the interior design.

Shelving art.

The most common way to store books is of course bookshelves, and we have read about  some interesting designs in Unique Bookshelves, Smartsquare Modular Shelving, Check Bookshelf and many more. However, there are some unconventional decisions on how to organize your books and your reading area, for instance the chair that already contains shelves, like Motion Bookshelf and OFO Curved Lounge Chair. That way, you can sit down and read not far from reach from your books.

Small Library Designs

But most of these designer chairs are of contemporary and exotique designs and don’t actually fit the traditional interior, and a solution for is room  dividers. Room dividers can come in many forms and designs, but for our purpose there are some up-to-wall bookshelves, that serve just that purpose. These amazing shelves can serve as a divider between the rest of the room and your reading space and be also helping in storing your book collections.

Choosing illumination

You might not have enough space for a desk to take notes, but you must consider choosing the illumination for your reading purpose. It can be a natural light by the day, if you reading space would be just by the window, or it can be some creative lamp, that would just suit your décor. But whatever design you have chosen, make sure that it is most of all operational. The lamp should serve its function, the shelves must be book containers and not just ornaments of the room and the chair must be comfortable enough for you to want to spend you spare time in it.

Check out small library desins:

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