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Guest Room Design Ideas

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Guest room is convenient when you often have friends or family staying overnight or temporarily living in your house. Attics, basements and spare rooms are usually remodeled into a guest room with a bed or two, night table and may be a wardrobe. Today we are looking at various perspectives of a guest room and how to design one.

 Guest Room Design Ideas

Guest room is about the guests. It is meant to make them comfortable so maybe it is better to leave all the personal stuff except decorating style, design and décor out of the room to let guests feel like home? There are, of course, more practical approaches to designing a guest room especially if you lack spare space. Some guest rooms also serve as home offices or a dressing room because, well it is not always used to its purpose and it’s always good to have some extra space in house.

So before actually making a guest room think about how often will you, your guests will use it. If guests are a rare occasion then combining the room functions may work. You can make an office in the room but put a bed or a spacious couch for guests to sleep on. You can also place your wardrobe in a guest room and use it as a dressing room when no one is staying there.

If you want to create a cozy welcoming guest room, opt for neutral hues but add some personal touch to the design, but leave your personal things like pictures and portraits away from the room. Let your guests to have a bit of space to their things. Have a night table near the bed and an armchair or couch if the room space allows.

It all depends on what your guests need but the main feature of a guest room is obviously a bed, cozy couch or any furniture to sleep on. There are some features in the hotel guest rooms that you might want to consider to have in your home guest room to make your friends and family comfortable. Take a look at some guest room designs below.

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