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Dressing Room Design Problems And Solutions

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Dressing room can be a luxury for a small-spaced home but it doesn’t mean the dressing area cannot be created with some tweaks and right design solutions. When designing a dressing room or area consider the size of the room, the free space and wardrobe design to make sure it fits all the necessary features.

Design Problems And Solutions:

Dressing Room Design Problems And Solutions

Problem: Lack of space
Design solution: Lack of space in the house for a dressing room can be solved by turning a storage closet into wardrobe or creating a wall niche for storing clothing and shoes. If there is no spare room but the bedroom is big enough a walk-in closet can also solve this problem. It can be made of glass to prevent the bedroom from becoming smaller. An open wardrobe can also be helpful in making the room look more open and spacious.

Dressing Room Design Problems And Solutions

Problem: Clothes on display
Design solution: Though the open wardrobe has its advatanges in the bedroom it exposes the clothes in whole view. To solve the problem with clothes on display set a room divider between the wardrobe and rest of the bedroom to create a dressing area and hide the clothes from view. A closed wardrobe is another solution to the problem. Also a curtain can work as a divider making the bedroom look sleek and uncluttered.

Dressing Room Design Problems And Solutions

Problem: No space for shoes
Design solution: If a wardrobe lacks space for shoes opt for a shoe rack in the room. It can be open or closed. The storage boxes can be used for off-season shoes under the bed, for instance. A shoe storage cabinet will provide with a disguised storage but take some space in the bedroom or hallway. The advatage is that it can also serve as a console or a storage surface.

Dressing Room Design Problems And Solutions

Problem: Off-season clothing storage
Design solution: If there is little space in the wardrobe for season clothes consider a storage-friendly bed where the off-season clothes can be stored. Other solutions would be using a staircase as storage space for off-season clothing and footwear or using space under or on top of the wardrobe.

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