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How to Organize Small Laundry Room with Tall Ceiling?

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One of our readers wrote us about problems concerning a small laundry room with a tall ceiling and asked us to help with ideas on how to organize it. There are two solutions: use the space under the ceiling or move the laundry room into another room turn extra space into something else.

Tips to Organize Small Laundry Room with Tall Ceiling

Laundry rooms with tall ceilings

Laundry Room by SPACE Architects+Planners

First of all put your washing and drying machines upon one another. There are many examples of laundry rooms that fit into a cabinet. Plastic boxes, baskets and glass bottles for laundry chemicals neatly organized on the painted shelves will make laundry process easier and the interior less messy.

If you are using horizontal arrangement of washer and dryer then you have an opportunity to replace a traditional ironing board with a quilted one that is placed on the top of dryer and fixed with magnets. Another option is a folding table.

Since we have a tall ceiling and lack space, let’s use the area under under the ceiling.  Install the laundry rack on the ceiling. Or you can simply stretch a rope from one wall to the opposite one. Use white or transparent rope; in other case it may color your wet clothes.

Paint the walls in bright happy colors, it will jazz up the room and will also bring good mood. To make interior look less boring draw a pattern on the ceiling that will match the color of the walls.

If you don’t use a soaking tub very often, remove it and put in a shower and the rest of the extra space can be assigned for washing and drying machines. Or you can put those machines in the master closet or a storage room and turn the former laundry room into a new space, for example, a playing room for children.

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  1. Kristel Says:

    Could you tell me more about quilted ironing board? Is thus homemade or store purchased? Thanks

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