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Creative Dressing Room Organizers

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Wardrobe is a challenging part of the house for many. It’s either too small or too bland. As we featured the post about celebrities’ dressing room designs it became evident that a consistent and beautiful look in the wardrobe/dressing room is as important as in any other room. If wardrobe is your favorite part of the house that is. The creative dressing room organizers seem as a good idea for enhancing it.

Creative Dressing Room Design Ideas

To create a truly beautiful dressing room invest in some creative organizers. They can be custom made or DIY, it doesn’t matter as long as they fit the style of the room and make it look more interesting. For example a usual clothes rack can be repainted or made out of a tree branch. There are various other materials that can make for a non-boring wardrobe organizer that will stand out and enhance the room.

Go for those round storage boxes. They are classic but they look much more interesting than regular shoe boxes. They can also be used to store some smaller things like accessories and jewelry. By the way speaking of accessories, an accessory shelf or stand can make for a great dressing room island and keep all the bags, belts, and scarves in one place apart from other clothing.

Glass-box wardrobes are simply cool. They also allow you to see the favorite clothes without opening them. Don’t discard the old lockers as they too can be useful in a dressing room.

A pouffe is a great centerpiece for the room and can be a storage unit as well. Enhanced with a soft organizer for shoes it can safely store your favorite footwear.

Creative Wardrobe Organizers

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