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Unconventional Kitchen Ideas

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Kitchen is strongly associated with wooden cabinets and a certain layout but a kitchen can be so much more unique and inspiring. Even the color you paint your kitchen can already make a world of difference. Conventional kitchens are wood brown and cream white. But there are so many beautiful colors and shades to choose from.

Bright Sky Blue or Lavender Grey

Sky blue

You won’t often see a bright sky blue or lavender grey kitchen, but both look amazing. There is just so much character in color. And there are so many paints and so many sweet colors. Don’t be afraid to use them in kitchen just like in the rest of the house.

Shelves vs. Cabinets

Tiled kitchen

We are seeing more and more kitchens featuring shelves rather than upper cabinets, which makes for an airier, lighter look. The shelves can also be used to display tableware and other utensils and everything else could be just as well disguised in the lower cabinets. But shelves aren’t the only solution to kitchen. It doesn’t have to have any cabinets at all. You can use old cupboards and chest drawers to store your kitchenware.

If you’re a firm kitchen cabinets believer though, they could be so much more sophisticated and pleasant to the eye. Look for unusual designs, they aren’t not limited only to catalogue options. If you are on a budget though, old vintage cupboards or even reclaimed wood can be used in the kitchen and look fantastic.

Decorative Sink

Kitchen stone sink

Most kitchens use functional sturdy metal sinks but it isn’t mandatory. It’s just convenient. You can have any type of sink in the kitchen, inluding a free-staing stone one. Of course these are expensive and high maintenance but there is no rule that says they cannot be used.

Marble isn’t just for countertops and looks great in a backsplash. Intricate molding isn’t just for living rooms. There are no strict rules anymore, so get inspired, imagine, and design your dream kitchen away.

Unusual Kitchen Ideas

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