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Multifunctional Oturakast Cabinet by Rianne Koens

Multifunctional furniture is the hit. Small-spaced homes need stylish pieces that have several functions and occupy little space. Multifunctional Oturakast cabinet by Rianne Koens is one of such creations.

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Multifunctional Oturakast cabinet made of stacked drawers was created by Dutch designer Rianne Koens. The cabinet consists of multiple separate drawers that can be stacked or used as seats whenever the guests arrive. Multifunctional and cool.

Multifunctional Oturakast Cabinet Made of Stacked Drawers

Each drawer features folding legs that can be unfolded to add more seats or folded and stacked to create a stylish storage unit made of different-sized drawers with wooden finish. The Oturakast cabinet also doesn’t take much space and can seat many guests and still function well in a small-spaced home.

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