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7 Tips To Make Kitchen in Rental Apartment More Cozy

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To do, or not to do renovation in a renting apartment? That is the question that lots of tenants face.

On the one hand you don’t intent to stay longer, but, on the other hand, there can always be unexpected circumstances and you can move out just after your last brush stroke on the freshly painted walls. To solve this dilemma we prepared some tips to make kitchen in rental apartment more cozy.

Simple Steps to Making Kitchen Cozy

Kitchen decorated with flowers

Kitchen decorated with flowers

Use a glass apron Skinali. It is probably the easiest way to dress up the working area in kitchen. Designed pictures placed behind glass panels that protect walls from dirt.

Hang a lampshade. It will make electrical light softer and make the room feel warmer.

Hang curtains that match your kitchen color scheme. A view from the window could be far from the best so curtains will hide any unsightly vistas. It’s also cheap, just buy a piece of fabric that you like and fix on a curtain rail.

If you have small space in the kitchen, white color will help you enhance it. This color reflects the light which makes the room appear airy.

A couple of pots with room plants or vases with flowers will your kitchen appear more lively. Choose small plants with simple shaped leaves. They don’t bring mess look into the room.

Thorow a rug on the floor. Right colors and fabrics of the rug can create magic. It’s better be bright and easy to clean up. Also it can hide floor if it is not perfect. And you can easily take it with yourself in case you move out.

If there are some flaws in the walls, they can be disguised with pictures or posters. Choose something that matches with your kitchen and seems attractive to you. It will also demonstrate your personality.

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