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Stainless Steel Kitchen Design Ideas

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Stainless steel doesn’t have to only be reserved for appliances. A stainless steel kitchen design looks glamorous, modern, and stylish. Metallic surfaces work with almost anything so if you are after an unusual kitchen look here are some ideas on how to design in stainless steel.

All stainless steel kitchen may give you the look of a restaurant kitchen or a butcher shop (depends on design), so if you want something more homely or stylish try to think of a supplement material you’d like to see in your kitchen design.

Stylish stainless steel kitchen

Steel and wood go great together and may give you the rustic look with modern touch. Concrete will most certainly suit an industrial style kitchen as will brick.

There is colors to consider. You can leave it as it is of course but a deep dark color may amplify the silver and would make it look more stylish.

There is also no need for expensive countertops as stainless steel works great for cooking and is easy to clean.

Use decorative lighting fixtures to make your stainless steel kitchen look more glam if needed or use warm brown wooden elements if you want to make it cozier.

Stainless Steel Kitchens

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