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Stylish Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

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Traditional kitchens sometimes can be too monotone with all the cabinets, tables and other furnishings made of one type of wood. There are many ways to spruce up the traditional decor from subtle accents to radical color scheme change. Try these ideas to make your traditional kitchen look more charming and stylish.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Stylish Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Radical Color Scheme

Go for black or white finish in your cabinetry and walls. In case of white you can safely match the furnishings with the rest of the color scheme just be sure to match the shades right. As for the black furniture, you can add a few eye-catchy elements like bright pans and kettle to jazz it up. Both colors are neutral and can be accented with any other color or finish or even pattern you want.

Go For Pastels

Go for a beautiful and romantic pastel hue of yellow, purple or blue to make your traditional wooden cabinets and tables pop. Add brighter accents through fruit bowls and flower vases. Balance the color out with neutral white.

Add Other Finishes

The problem of many traditional kitchen is too much of same texture – wood. Add other finishes like stone, brass, stainless steel, glass, and other to enhance your kitchen decor. A stove and a fridge often come in such finishes so the main thing to do is to ensure it fits with the rest of your furnishings.

Another way of breaking the wooden texture is adding a splash of color. Think a colorful or statement backsplash or simply other colors. Add elements from other styles to your traditional kitchen. It can be a rustic wooden table, shabby chic cabinets, or an industrial sink. The appliances are usually in modern style but if you want to keep with the traditional style you can disguise them inside cabinetry or opt for vintage-look ones.

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