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Design Ideas: Different Types Of Sunrooms

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A sunroom is a great addition to the house especially if you have beautiful surrounding views. It is basically an extension that is built for different purposes. It can be a conservatory, a veranda, a patio room, or a screened porch. There are also many ways of approaching the design of a sunroom.

Before undertaking any planning think about what you want your sunroom for and how it should look like to be able to communicate your ideas to a contruction company that will be realizing your sunroom project.

Different Sunrooms Design Ideas

Different Types Of Sunrooms


A conservatory is a great sunroom type since it brings the greenery indoors and allows you to grow various plants and flowers in a controlled environment, enjoy them as well as keep them on display thanks to a usually glazed structure.

Glass Veranda

A veranda is another type of sunroom that features mostly glass in its structure. The modern verandas can be designed in various shapes including a curved futuristic trapezoid form. The verandas are great for using as dining rooms, sitting rooms or lounge areas.

Screened Porch

A screened porch can also double as a sunroom. Just make sure there are solid drapes to protect you from sunlight if you also use it as a sleeping porch. The screened porch can provide sitting space that will allow you enjoy outdoors without being outdoors.

Sunroom Design Ideas


The sunroom design may depend on the architectural style of the original building. It can be a traditional wood-framed or a modern steel-framed house extension in a classic house-like shape or a faceted form.

We really love the idea of incorporating a glass sunroom into an old house like in the picture above. It adds a modern touch to a classic building creating a nice dynamic in its design. This way you can have a sunroom without building extensions for the house which occupy more space.

Decorating Style

You can decorate a sunroom in almost any style you want but it should be in tune with the rest of the house. So if you live in a modern structure it is better to stick with contemporary minimalist furniture and accents. However, if your sunroom features traditional style you can mix the modern with classic furnishings leaning more toward traditional.

Sunroom Design Ideas


When it comes to decor it is important to identify the purpose of your sunroom. If it’s a patio room go for a small table set with an area rug and a small sofa for additional sitting space and a cozy touch.

You can add curtains or screens to the room to increase privacy at any moment. It is both decorative and practical as well as adds a homey feel to glass box structures. Potted plants can also be a great decoration to the sunroom room giving it a conservatory feel. Also think creative lamps, vases, bowls and other decorations.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is very important especially in the rooms that have glass roofs. So before desiging or building a glass extension make sure to look for ways to protect yourself and your family from harmful UV rays. You can choose a special type of glass for your structure or create a sun awning for the room to use during the day.

The house extensions might require a planning permit before constructing a sunroom. Make sure you know all the limitations and restrictions provided by your local council. Since an extension is still pretty much a budget-consuming project be sure to hire a builder that you can trust and communicate with.

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