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Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

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If you want to add warmth to the cold bathroom design yellow is just the color for it. Yellow can be used sparingly or as a main color adding pop of color to the room as well as making the cold bathroom look sunny and bright. There are many ways of using yellow color in the bathroom.

Ideas For Designing Yellow Bathroom

Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

Yellow Vanity

Add a yellow vanity to the bathroom design as an eye-catchy accent. A bright furniture item will pop up on the neutral background and brighten up any color scheme. It can also be a sink or a cabinet. Vanity is one of the bathroom’s focal points so it might be a good idea to place an accent there.

Yellow Walls

Yellow walls will reflect the light and flood the room with warm yellow. You can paint all the walls light lemon yellow or pastel yellow or go for a bright feature wall. Yellow patterns also look great in combination with white, red, and black. They can be added with mosaic or wallpaper.

Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

Yellow Gold Finishes

Yellow gold finishes add opulence to the bathroom design. Golden metallic surfaces can be introduced to the design via furniture or mosaic tile. Golden finishes can be added to the dark color scheme for a dramatic effect but can equally look good in the yellow bathroom.

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