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Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

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Kitchen backsplash can become a great focal point of the room. It can be covered with tiles, wood, metal, or stone depending on the style of the kitchen and the look you are going for.

Jered Snelson renovated a home updating a kitchen (pictured below) with a backsplash made of river stone tile in steel. The backsplash is made in shape of a wide strip that protects the wall behind the stove as well as adds a beautiful focal point.

Beuatiful Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas


Wood is rarely used in kitchen backsplash design due to adverse impact of water on the wood. However, some modern kitchen still use the wood for decorating a backsplash. It can give the kitchen a rustic feel or simply add warmth to a contemporary minimalist design.


Stone backsplashes are more popular as they give a kitchen sophistication and luxury especially marble. It can be white or gray or a whole different stone. Stone can come in tiles or plates so if you want a smooth texture go for plates.


A metal plate can be used instead of stone or wood. Decorative plates add shine and a different texture to the wall which nicely contrasts with the wooden cabinets and stone countertops.


Tile is a great choice for creating backsplashes since it’s not only beautiful and colorful but also quite practical. Glazed tiles are quite easy to clean though they should be wiped thorough with a dry clean cloth after washing to prevent dried water spots dulling the shine.


Usually a backsplash would extend from the countertop up to the cabinetry and across the wall where the sink and stove are located. So commonly it would be a horizontal strip but as shown in the example above it can be verical as well.

If you want a creative backsplash opt for patterned tile, beautiful veined marble, or metallic plates to add a decorative accent to the wall.

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